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Project Description

This solution is meant to make unit testing of plugins in CRM 2011 a simpler and more efficient process. One of the challenges of testing plugins is that they usually must be registered to the CRM server before testing. This is a fairly lengthy process, making quick testing of changes, and well as automated unit testing, a difficult process.

This solution addresses that issue by serializing the objects that the CRM server passes to a plugin on execution and then offering a library that allows you to deserialize those objects and pass them to the plugin on your local machine. This way you can simulate actually having the plugin registered against the server but without having to go through the process of registering it for each and every change.

This project was developed by Andrew Swerlick at Engage, Inc. It was based on a similar solution for CRM 4.0 developed by Dinesh Uthayakumar. Carlton Colter of Microsoft also contributed to the first release, by reviewing and streamlining the code, as well as adding functionality to handle the Parent Context property of the IPluginExecutionContext. Thanks to both of them for their contributions. 

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